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Seattle Tax Lawyers

Dealing with unpaid taxes can be particularly stressful. Shaw Law Group, P.L.L.C., in Seattle and Redmond is ready to help you negotiate a resolution with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Washington State Department of Revenue. We represent individuals and businesses, and are prepared to handle unique situations, including those involving victims of accounting fraud. Our goal is to help you overcome the burden of back taxes.

Negotiations and Disputes

Our lawyers are skilled at IRS negotiations. We know how to establish payment plans that allow you to resolve income tax debt within your means. We can also negotiate the release of IRS liens so you can sell your home. Businesses that owe taxes to the Washington State Department of Revenue can turn to us for help as well. We are experienced in negotiating with the state tax authority to allow installment payments.

If the amount of back taxes owed is in dispute, we can assist. The dispute may be the result of accounting fraud or some other issue that was not your fault.

Other Means of Resolving Tax Debt

If tax debt is a standalone problem, then negotiating a payment plan is often the most appropriate course of action. However, if tax debt is part of a larger debt problem, other resolutions may need to be taken into consideration.

Redmond IRS Defense Attorneys

For more information, please call 206-462-3252 (toll free 866-721-2637) or send an e-mail to schedule a consultation with an experienced Seattle tax attorney.

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